Missing teeth can be replaced in many different ways. One of the tooth replacement options we offer is the fixed dental bridge. A non-removable appliance, a fixed bridge uses two crowns placed on adjacent teeth to replace one or more missing teeth. When in place, a bridge can:

• Prevent the loss of facial volume
• Help you to eat and speak normally
• Prevent other teeth from shifting in the mouth
• Enhance the function, health, and beauty of your smile

Bridges are often created from porcelain in order to provide you with the most natural-looking restoration. We can place your custom bridge in just a few convenient visits to our office in Sunnyvale, where Dr. Quibilan will take impressions and then place and adjust your custom bridge. If you are missing teeth, why not give us a call to learn more about dental bridges? We can help you decide if a bridge or another treatment, such as a dental implant, is right for you.