Dr. Quibilan and our dental team can improve your oral health and smile more efficiently than ever before using digital radiography, the latest in X-ray technology. Digital X-rays can help us more accurately detect many oral health problems, including:

  • Decay in and between the teeth
  • Abscesses
  • Tumors/cysts
  • Infections

Because digital X-rays require much less radiation than traditional film X-rays, they are a completely safe diagnostic tool. At our office in Sunnyvale, we use both panoramic and bite-wing digital X-rays to help us get the information we need to improve your oral health and smile. We recommend having bite-wing digital X-rays taken at every six-month check-up, while panoramic digital X-rays (which show the jaw and sinus cavities as well as the teeth) should be taken once every three to five years. Digital X-rays can be viewed instantly, giving us the unique opportunity to detect, diagnose, and treat potential problems quickly. To learn more about digital X-rays and their use in our office, please call or visit us soon.