Changing one aspect of your smile can truly make all the difference in your confidence and overall appearance. One of the simplest and most effective ways to change your smile is to whiten your teeth. At the office of Dr. Quibilan in Sunnyvale, we provide Zoom in-office whitening to quickly and effectively remove stubborn tooth stains and discolorations caused by:

• Certain medications
• Fluorosis
• Drinking coffee, tea, wine, and soda
• Tobacco use
• The natural aging process

Thanks to Zoom whitening, you can visit us on your lunch break and go back to work with a radiant new smile in place. Zoom whitening requires just one hour-long visit to our office, and the results are incredible. To maintain your new smile, Dr. Quibilan may recommend visiting again in a few months for a whitening touch-up. Give us a call today to learn more about Zoom whitening and to schedule your whitening appointment. You’ll be glad you did!